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'The Seeds Beneath the Snow' is a non-profit association founded in the spring of 2006. It is based in Pisa, Italy.
The seeds are the themes it aims to deal with: nonviolence, peace, human rights and the environment. A tri-lingual (Japanese-Italian-English) library has been set up, as well as this website.

custode dei nostri semi

The aim is to provide information for Japanese activists what their counterparts in Italy are doing, and vice versa, and to provide translations of documents it believes can be useful.

To this end it has already produced home-made pamphlets and funded the translation into Italian of a Japanese novel Ichigo ichie.

The name of the association is taken from a novel by Ignazio Silone:

"What a touching moment it was for me one morning to discover a sprouting seed of wheat in that clod of earth. At first I feared the seed had already died, but after slowly and carefully taking away the earth around it with a piece of straw I discovered a white shoot sticking out of it; a live, tender shoot the size and shape of a tiny blade of grass....To protect it from the frost and give it back the protection that had been offered by the stone before I removed it, I covered it with a handful of earth. Every morning I melted some snow over it to give it the moisture it required; and so that it might not lack for warmth I often breathed on it."

Ignazio Silone, Il seme sotto la neve

(The Seed Beneath the Snow, chapter 12)

un simbolo dela pace italo-giapponese? Il gru di origami è uno dei più usati simboli della pace in Giappone, mentre un equivalente in Italia è, naturalmente, la bandiera arcobaleno.  Oggi la bandiera della pace si vede anche nelle manifestazioni pacifiste in Giappone benché non tutti sanno che è d'origine italiana.

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