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From FIRENZE 10+10 to 11.11 One Million Strong Against Nuclear Energy inTOKYO

18 novembre 2012 - Gerry Blaylock

Firenze 10+10 in Fortezza da Basso per Un'altra Europa

At the end of the meeting in Florence (Italy) on 9 November, which set up the group promoting a European antinuclear network, the following resolution was adopted in support of the Japanese rally on 11 November.

After Three-Mile Island and Chernobyl, Fukushima constitutes the watershed moment for abandoning definitively nuclear energy all over planet earth. That Japanese citizens have taken to the streets has global meaning and value since it is the expression of a desire from the bottom up which the antidemocratic nuclear energy model, which is hostile to transparent information, cannot tolerate or stand up to.

In Italy this has already happened when huge demonstrations in 1987 led to stopping those nuclear plants in operation by means of a referendum.

It happened last year with a referendum against nuclear energy which attracted all of 27 million citizens to the vote.

Getting rid of nuclear energy-- which is not an indispensable source of energy for any country, France excepted -- would be an enormous contribution to world peace by revealing the perverse connections between the production of electrical energy and that of nuclear weapons.

It would be a contribution to the change which is needed in the centralised energy model, which is at the heart of climate change and is also a terible attack on our health and on nature.

Energy for Life, not Death!

Peace in the world, not threats of Apocalyptic Wars!

Renewable energy; energy saving; local, democratic management of energy; dignified, environmentally-friendly labour!

So we participate virtually and with conviction, grateful to you for your rally!