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A poem presented at Firenze 10+10 on 10th Novembre 2012


Confession was written by a monk after he had been to a conference and heard Ruri Sasaki and her husband, who still live with their five children in Nihonmatsu (50kms from the Fukushima plant)
18 novembre 2012 - Gerry Blaylock (translated by)
Fonte: Centro di documentazione Semi sotto la neve

'Forget', says someone, 'the rain that will fall on the children'


'Forget', says someone, 'the wind the children will breathe in'


'Forget', says someone, 'the food the children will eat'


'Then, forget', says someone, 'that this country can forsake people so easily'


But, Fukushima, we will not forget the mother sobbing because her milk is contaminated


We will not forget the father who blames himself for allowing his child

to be exposed to radiation


We will not forget the little girl who demands to be able to play out of doors


We will not forget the little boy who cried 'please don't forsake Fukushima. Help us!'


And we will not forget that all of this is the result of our behaviour.

Every one of us. We were accomplices, but did not realise the consequences

of nuclear plants, and concentrated exclusively on our well-being


In this deplorable reality, to those children that smile at us, trusting us completely,

we can only leave a future that no apologies, even repeated, can change


Yet, anyway, now let us begin by saying sorry


Responding to the wind of Namu Amida Butsu,

that it might give us strength, we say 'No to nuclear energy'


Responding to the light of Namu Amida Butsu, each one of us will shine


In this society someone whispers 'Forget! Forget!'


 But we shall not forget Fukushima!

Evening event at Firenze 10+10


*Namu Amida Butsu -- I take refuge in Amida* Buddha!

*Amida, in Sanskrit Amitabha, is the Buddha of Infinite Light and Eternal Life and is Lord of the Western Paradise or Pure Land (whose ideograms really express the idea 'uncontaminated land').