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Global Campaign "Safeguard Kyoto 2015: Stop the restart Takahama NPP"

Can you imagine JAPAN WITHOUT KYOTO?

It is the fourth anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, and we have launched a new online petition at
The Japanese government is seeking to restart two reactors, the first ones after a break of nearly two years, at the Takahama nuclear plant, which is on the border with the Kyoto Prefecture and about 40 miles from Kyoto City Centre.
11 marzo 2015

When you sign the petition, a letter is sent automatically to the Governor of the Kyoto Prefectural Council and his colleagues asking them to do all in their power to stop the reactivation. The danger of a second Fukushima in Kyoto must be avoided.

Click here: 

Stop the restart of the reactors in Takahama Nuclear Power Plant 

We invite you to sign and pass the word on. Thank you.
NB Should you have any difficulty with the link, you can send your details (Name, Surname, e-mail and Postal Code) to us at  
We shall then fill in the form with your details so that a letter can go off to the Governor and your signature can be counted.
Jizo in un angolo di Kyoto


Natural calamities happen. Afterwards, we mourn for the dead, pick up the pieces, repair the damage and go on. Then there are man-made calamities. During its history, the city of Kyoto has been destroyed many times by warring factions. Ironic for a city whose first name was Heian-kyo – tranquillity and peace capital. During the Second World War it was spared the atom bomb because of its beauty.

Kyoto is known throughout the world as a marvellous centre of culture and historic monuments, and contains seventeen World Heritage Sites. Tourism is registering a steady rise with one record after another being broken. This city is also living proof of how we can live side by side with nature without presuming to dominate it.

With the proposed restart of two reactors at Takahama, a few dozen miles from Kyoto, the threat of a man-made calamity, a nuclear one, is put back in place once more. It was spared by the then enemy, now it is being threatened by its own national government in cahoots with the nuclear lobby.

After a natural calamity we pick up the pieces, but after a nuclear one we can't even touch some of the pieces – for years and years, as the accident in Fukushima has shown us clearly.

Obviously, we hope with all our heart that nothing will happen if the plan to fire up the reactors goes ahead. We can only hope: there are no guarantees. Therefore, wouldn't it be preferable for everyone, the inhabitants, tourists and future generations, if we could safeguard Kyoto, protect its treasures from any threat of danger?

This is why we ask the Governor of Kyoto to do all in his power to stop the restart of the reactors in Takahama. Mr Yamada, the treasures in the territory which you govern have been cared for and passed down for centuries, they cannot be put at risk.

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